Overal Logic MANufacturer

Services typically provided within a project


First of all, the requirements are captured, as they define the actions needed to accomplish the project, whether the project is small or large. The set of requirements gives an idea of the scope of work and guidelines for planning.


The analysis of requirements is done to ensure all aspects of  design are covered and enable to create a product with features traceable to requirements.


 Once the set requirements is approved, the concept ideas are proposed allowing to choose the best way of building a product.


The critical calculations are made upon conceptual chose, which allows to see the off the shelf parts suitable for design and limitations.


All previous steps allow to perform a feasibility study answering whether the chosen concept is possible to build in real world.


 Planning is done to get an idea about resources, funds and time needed for bringing the idea to real life. 


  The mixed domain schematic is captured following of a concept's architecture.


The 3D modelling is done, so the requirements are full filled.


 The off the shelf components are added to the design.


 The tolerance stack analyses and FMEA is done allowing to address potential design issues.